Chickpea Curry

This Easy Chickpea curry is the perfect weeknight dinner it’s quick and easy to make, it comes together in one pot, and it uses staple pantry ingredients so you can make curry any time the craving hits. By the way, this recipe packs in some serious flavor, but it doesn’t require any hard-to-find spices, and it’s loaded with protein and fiber! Even the most adamant carnivores won’t miss the meat in this vegan-friendly dish. Inspired by Indian chana masala, this chickpea curry is one of those gloriously simple meals that only requires you to briefly chop two ingredients . Then everything else is simply stirred in and simmered together until the sauce bubbles up to creamy, vibrant, delicious perfection. Served warm over rice and drizzled with an extra squeeze of lemon, I’m telling you, this chickpea curry feels like the coziest hug in a bowl.